A native East Coast-er, I caught my first fish in the mountains of North Carolina when I was six. I spent winters skiing and summers fishing across Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana from the time I was nine until I finished my English degree at The University of North Carolina. When I was 22, I made the Rockies my home for good. I spent a decade in Colorado, pursuing a Master's Degree and infinite days of skiing in the high country, and the last few years on the waters of Southwest Montana chasing trout and the stories that rivers inevitably weave through the hearts and minds of those who follow them. 

The course of my career has also been winding, but never unintentional. I left a successful alternative medicine practice to follow my heart and my pen back to the mountains. As a result, my writing has largely focused on the universal truths gleaned from my experiences outside and the lessons we all stand to learn through time in the wilderness. I've been lucky to work for some of my favorite brands, and have taken every opportunity that has come my way to grow personally and professionally. 

in 2014, I was afforded the unique experience of speaking to over 2000 people at TEDxBoulder about how our commitment to the things that we care about most enriches our ability to enjoy them, and how important it is for us to see how investing our time and energy in those endeavors perpetuates a cycle of conservation that not only benefits us individually, but benefits our greater ecosystems - social and environmental.

I am currently based in Denver, Colorado, where I spend as much time as possible knee deep in a river.